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Maximum shine
No smears
Only one operation
Use water only

  • to be used completely without chemicals / cleaning products
  • Lint-free wiping of all smooth and shiny surfaces
  • streak-free drying
  • Robust and durable like a leather cloth
  • the innovative structure enables high absorption of dirt, dust and grease
  • washable many times at 60°
  • vegan and ecological

The Magic Lappen

Our cloth is robust and durable like a leather cloth… only better, because it absorbs more dirt and achieves streak-free results without any additives

Chemicals respectively cleaning products are NOT necessary!

The fibers of our cloth are pressed and many times thinner than any, conventional microfibers. This special composition of the material allows a very high absorption of dirt, dust and grease. It enables gentle, lint-free wiping of all smooth and shiny surfaces, leaving nothing but streak-free brilliance.

Once soaked in clear water and wrung out very well, all dirt can be completely wiped off all surfaces with our damp cloth. Dry wiping or polishing is not necessary.

Our cloth can be washed many times at 60° and is therefore reusable. It is vegan and ecological.

Cleaning instruction: Avoid at all costs fabric softener, tumble dryer and do not iron




Environmentally and climate friendly

Makes life easier

Our cloth is gentle on all sensitive surfaces, cleans excellent without any additives and leaves a streak-free shine with only one operation.

The Magic Lappen in the practical test

1.) A fitness studio friendly to us has used the cloth for more than one year to clean the mirrored walls of the course room several times a week. This one cloth has actually not been washed once in the washing machine, it is only now and then rinsed out under running water. The amazing cleaning effect is nevertheless unchanged!

2.) We smeared Penate cream and lipstick on a mirror. We wiped this pure grease off completely and streak-free with our damp cloth. The process was repeated several times with the same previously used cloth, without even rinsing it out in the meantime. The amazing cleaning effect is unchanged every time! (One wonders where all the grease remains in the cloth. It is not even tangible).


The Magic Lappen on tour

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