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How to use The Magic Lappen?

The Magic Lappen must first be made completely wet with clean water (cold or warm). Then it must be wrung out very vigorously so that it feels almost dry. Thus damp, the Magic Lappen is ready for use and leaves no streaks on smooth and shiny surfaces. After use, rinse the Magic Lappen with clear, preferably hot water; if necessary, wash in the washing machine up to 60° and store well dried.
Important note: avoid fabric softener at all costs, tumble dryer and iron, otherwise the structure will be changed and the fantastic function is thereby no longer given.

Can you use it with cleaning products?

You can, of course. But the special thing about Magic Lappen is that you don’t need any cleaning agents. So think of our environment and do without any chemicals!

Do I need to use another cleaning product along with the Magic Lappen?

Absolutely not! The Magic Lappen cleans perfectly without any detergents, only with clear water and due to the unique nature of the fabric.

How many come in one package?

1 Magic Lappen per packing unit. You can order in pack of 1, 3 or 5. Of course also in any other quantity.

How long do they last?

The Magic Lappen no longer looks snow-white after a short period of use and even after machine washing. This is quite a normal change and does not detract from its function at all.
It lasts until it perhaps falls apart after thousands of uses and x times washing in the washing machine. This may take years, depending on use.
The Magic Lappen is designed primarily for gentle, streak-free cleaning of smooth and shiny surfaces, and it has the longest shelf life when used in this way. If rough surfaces are wiped with it, the fabric structure may be damaged.

What is the shelf-life? Does it have an expiration date?

What should spoil about dry tissue when stored properly? However, if an expiration date is required by law, it must also be printed on the cloth. However, since we lack long-term experience, it could theoretically be possible that the Magic Lappen “crumbles” into its individual components after several years.

How often until I will need new one?

Only then, when you yourself judge that your Magic Lappen is no longer as you want it to be. Be it that it becomes thin or holey, no longer provides the desired cleaning performance or simply no longer looks nice to you.

Where did the idea of the Magic Lappen come from?

In many areas of daily life, smooth and shiny surfaces must be cleaned and polished regularly. Everyone knows the problem of water stains or streaks left behind, which can not be removed without residue without additional cleaning agents and re-polishing. This annoying procedure has led to perfecting an existing cleaning cloth so that perfect cleaning results can be achieved without harmful cleaning agents and, above all, in just one operation.

Is it eco-friendly? Compostable? Biodegradable? Can we explain why it’s eco friendly?

The Magic Lappen is definitely environmentally friendly! Just by the fact that no dangerous, chemical substances or any cleaning products at all are necessary and that it is washable many times and therefore reusable for a very long time. The Magic Lappen itself contains no chemical components, is biodegradable, but not compostable.

Why is it better than conventional cleaning cloths?

To achieve a perfect and streak-free cleaning result, only the Magic Lappen and clear water are necessary. No danger to health and environment from chemical substances or aggressive cleaning agents. Furthermore, for a brilliant result, no additional polishing operation is necessary.

Is it a multi-purpose cleaning tool?

No. It is a wiping cloth designed to wipe surfaces damp with mist, removing dirt and leaving a streakless shine. The areas of use of the Magic Lappen are of course very diverse: household, car, boat, industry, catering, business, etc.

What surfaces can I use the Magic Lappen on?

The Magic Lappen is specially designed for smooth and shiny surfaces and therefore also achieves the best results and the longest service life on these.
Examples of surfaces: Glass surfaces, mirrors, windows, showcases, high-gloss furniture, high-gloss surfaces in general, chrome, brass, stainless steel, shiny metals in general, plastic, enamel, tiles, etc.

Are there surfaces you can’t use it on?

Theoretically, no. However, use on very rough surfaces can mean that the Magic Lappen is not as durable. This may also change the surface structure and the results on glossy surfaces will then no longer be optimal.

Do I need to clean the Magic Lappen in between uses?

If coarse dirt is clearly visible, it would certainly make sense to rinse the Magic Lappen under clear running water in between. If a lot of grease has been absorbed, rinsing with hot water makes sense.

What is the best way to clean it?

In the washing machine at maximum 60 °. No fabric softener! No tumble dryer! No iron! The Magic Lappen should always dry well after use and should only be stored dry. Damp storage can cause mold.

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